SESSION #1: 10:00AM – 10:50AM

The Online Education Ecosystem: Integrated Technology for Student Success webcast

TAG: OEI, Canvas Resources
Presenters: Jory Hadsell, Logan Murray, and Bonnie Peters
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The panel will provide updates and answer your questions about the robust suite of resources available through Canvas to support student success including online tutoring (Link-Systems International’s NetTutor), proctoring (Proctorio), plagiarism detection (VeriCite), counseling (Cranium Cafe) and student readiness assessment (SmarterMeasure).

Integrating LibreTexts with Canvas to Support Student Success

TAG: Open Educational Resources, OER, Canvas Integration
Presenters: Delmar Larsen, Jessica Coppola, and Dianne Bennett

The LibreTexts project is a multi-institutional collaborative venture to develop the next generation of open access texts to improve post-secondary education at all levels of higher learning by developing an Open Access Resource environment. Nutrition 300 and Chemistry 309 will share how these courses integrate their LibreTexts with Canvas to support student success. Prof. Delmar Larsen will discuss how faculty can develop LibreTexts for their courses.

Rubric Revolution in Canvas

TAG: Canvas Rubrics
Presenter: Leslie Reeves

Communicate your explicit performance expectations for assignments! Rubrics not only help you grade the levels of quality of your students’ work, but they help your students develop understanding and assess the quality of their own work. This session includes shared experiences and instruction for developing four different types of rubrics using the rubric tool available in Canvas.

Feedback Fun with SpeedGrader

TAG: Canvas Grading
Presenter: Tracy Schaelen

Leave it to Canvas to make grading fun! With SpeedGrader, you and your students can have conversations
around submitted work using a variety of formats: text, speech-to-text, audio, and video. You can even
upload a screencast video so that students can see their paper or project from your point of view. In this
session we will demo these features and explore ways to make the most of them.

ConferZoom to Your Next Class or Meeting (Virtual Presentation)

TAG: Video/Audio Web Conferencing
Presenters: Michelle Musacchia and Donna Gustafson

Something is new at CCC Confer-the happiest meeting place on earth. Learn about ConferZoom and take your online classes and meetings to a new level. We will answer your questions and get you started now.

Leveraging Modules

LOCATION: LRC 104 – Computer Lab
TAG: Hands-On, Canvas
Presenter: Sallie Michalsky (Instructure)

This session teaches users how create flow within a course by organizing and structuring content with the Modules tool. Instructors will explore how to create and manage content modules, leverage progress-monitoring capabilities, and scaffold student access to course content.

5 Simple Ways to Create Accessible Content Using Canvas’ Rich Content Editor

TAG: Hands-On, Accessibility
Presenter: Helen Graves

For many students, the typical online curriculum is booby-trapped with roadblocks to learning—stopping points that make their online course experience so difficult they are unable or unwilling to continue. Identifying and eliminating barriers is what accessibility is all about. Plus, designing to improve accessibility for those students actually improves usability for ALL students in online courses. In this workshop, you’ll get hands-on practice with five simple ways Canvas’ Rich Content Editor can help you improve the accessibility of your course.

Communication Strategies in Canvas

TAG: Canvas, Communication
Presenter: Adam Kuntz (Instructure)

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any course. Canvas provides you with all the tools to ensure student-to-student and student-to-teacher communication is happening. This session will cover strategies and features in Canvas that can enhance communication and take it to a new level in a digital space.

Intro to Canvas Data (For Admins)

LOCATION: Aquarium Conference Room
TAG: Canvas Data
Presenter: Jason Peacock (Instructure)

As an LMS administrator have you wanted to gather data from Canvas to build custom reports that you can use to answer a variety of questions posed by your institution? This session will cover the basics of Canvas Data, how to extract it, and some of the possible uses of data in reports.

SESSION #2: 11:00AM – 11:50AM

Innovate your course with OEI Rubric Academy Trailblazers webcast

TAG: OEI Course Design Rubric
Presenters: Dipali Buch, Betty Chan, Abigail Feely, Corey Gruber, Joe Rust, Michael Hill,
Tim Kovar, Leslie Reeves, and Elizabeth Specker

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Please join a roundtable discussion on quality online teaching and learning. This collaborative and supportive panel will share best practices, challenges, and feedback based on their experience implementing the Online Education Initiative (OEI) Course Design Rubric while participating in the semester-long OEI Rubric Academy at ARC. We expect everyone to come share your tips and tricks as we all strive to help our online students succeed. Bring your questions and leave with new ideas for applying the rubric to your own courses at your campus.

What is Canvas Commons & How Can You Use it in the Learning Process

TAG: Canvas Commons, Resources
Presenters: Kate Williamson and Dan Crump

Canvas Commons is a learning object repository that enables educators to find, import, and share resources such as Open Education Resources (OER). Commons allows Canvas users to share learning resources with other users as well as import learning resources into a Canvas course. Come to get an introduction to finding and sharing in Canvas Commons, and share your experiences in the Commons!

You Matter, You Belong: Equity-Minded Course Design

TAG: Equity, Course Design
Presenter: Francine Van Meter and Megan Leonard

This session will demonstrate how faculty at Cabrillo College use a real-time data visualization tool that provides actionable insight into the development of their Canvas course learning environment. Course design is viewed as another way to address patterns of inequity in student outcomes, and faculty reassess their practices to be reflective of their students’ social, cultural, and linguistic experiences. Learn how faculty use data and equity best practices to enhance the Canvas experience for all students.

OpenStax in Canvas

TAG: Online Educational Resources, OER, Canvas Integration
Presenter: Antonio Lopez

Did you know that you can integrate free open-license textbooks into Canvas? OpenStax provides free open textbooks supported by test banks and more. They even have the option of low-cost, full-color, hardcover, print textbooks. Learn how to use open educational resources (OER) in your Canvas course shell.

What’s up with the Canvas App?

TAG: Canvas, Mobile App
Presenter: Katie Carbary

Good news: most Canvas class content can be accessed using the Canvas by Instructure App for smartphones and tablets. Ready or not, some students will be using this App to interact with your class. Come get prepared with an overview of the Canvas App: announcements, discussions, assignments, class files and videos, student grades, the class to-do list, notifications, some quizzes, and more! This presentation features a basic tour of the App using screenshots from an iphone. Bringing your own device is optional.

Grading and Assessment

TAGS: Hands-On, Canvas, Grades, Speedgrader
Presenter: Sallie Michalsky (Instructure)

Explore the interface of the Canvas gradebook from the instructor and student perspectives. Users will experience the power of the Speedgrader and the various ways it can be used to provide timely and detailed feedback for students while making the grading process more efficient and enjoyable. An exploration of assignment groups and weighting capabilities will round out this assessment-focused session.

There’s an App for That!

TAG: Hands-On, Free Online Apps, Canvas Community
Presenter: Suzanne Wakim

There are many wonderful free online applications to help students learn and study. These include tools for creating interactive quizzes, animations, infographics, concept maps, annotations, graphs, and much much more! We will discuss how to find great educational tools. We will also journey to the Canvas Community-a place to find tools, collaborate with others and post ideas.

Creating a Collaborative Environment in Canvas

TAG: Canvas, Collaboration
Presenter: Adam Kuntz (Instructure)

Collaborating with peers and colleagues isn’t a new idea. However, in today’s world of global connectivity, it is becoming more important for people to collaborate in a digital space. When our students graduate and enter the workforce, they will most likely come across a situation that involves collaborating with someone in another state or country. This session will discuss strategies and features in Canvas that allow us as instructors to teach our students how to collaborate in a digital space.

SESSION #3: 1:50PM – 2:40PM

The Lowdown About OEI Course Review webcast

TAG: OEI Course Design Rubric, OEI Course Exchange
Presenters: Helen Graves, Shannon Van Zant, Xochitl Tirado, Kyle Livie, Jacqlyn Vetter, Mark Bauermeister, and Kate Jordahl
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Whether you’re interested in participating in the Course Exchange or just want to make your course as awesome as possible, this presentation/panel will provide you with the 411 on the OEI’s Course Design Rubric and Course Review process. You’ll learn tips from OEI instructional designers on using the Rubric to get your course Exchange-ready. You’ll also hear first-hand experiences from instructors as they answer your questions about what it’s really like to take a course through the Review process. It promises to be a lively, informative discussion!

Creating a Library Presence in Canvas

TAG: Library Services, Resources
Presenter: Phyllis Usina

As California’s community colleges adopt the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) as part of the state’s Online Education Initiative (OEI), librarians have new opportunities to bring library research and information literacy instruction into the online environment. Sponsored by the Council of Chief Librarians, Erin Daniels and Phyllis Usina-librarians at Santa Rosa Junior College-have prepared a guide that identifies ways in which commonly available library services, resources and programs can be integrated into Canvas. Called Creating a Library Presence in Canvas, this guide contains features that can be implemented at different levels of the Canvas LMS, including Systemwide, Global Navigation, Course Navigation, Module Level or Page Level. In addition, the authors created digital examples of those resources that lend themselves to replication by preparing a public Canvas course. This session will highlight ways instructors and course designers can work with librarians to integrate information literacy support and access to library resources into the online learning environment.

Can Collaborate

TAG: Canvas Groups
Presenter: Lene Whitley-Putz

Working in groups can be a rewarding learning experience that helps students develop valuable collaboration and critical thinking skills. But it can also be fraught with tension and anxiety! This presentation will show you how to set up groups in Canvas and how to scaffold group work so students can make the most of working with peers. The group workspace offers students an amazing opportunity to create wiki pages and communicate with their team. Let’s explore how to make the most of this amazing tool!

Universal Design

TAG: Universal Design for Learning, UDL, Accessibility
Presenter: Suzanne Wakim

Universal Design can help us build online courses that are not only accessible but are also flexible enough to engage a diverse group of students. Universal design for learning includes giving students various ways of acquiring information, interacting with the content and demonstrating understanding. We will look at course design strategies that increase student choice, encourage critical thinking, and improve learning outcomes.

Narrowing Equity Gaps With Canvas

TAG: Equity, Canvas Tools
Presenter: Mike Smedshammer

Gaps between online and on-campus retention and success tend to be wider when we look at disadvantaged socio-economic groups. Unfortunately, research primarily targets on-campus strategies for improving retention and success as they relate to student equity. Canvas offers easy-to-use tools for applying some of what research tells us about helping disadvantaged students become more successful. This session will highlight the top five ways of using Canvas to improve retention and success, particularly among students from disadvantaged groups.

The “Bridge” to Awesome Professional Development

LOCATION: LRC 104 – Computer Lab
TAG: Professional Development Platform
Presenter: Geoffrey Prince and Brian Hauber (Instructure)

Come to this session to get an overview of the Bridge professional development platform – a modern, easy-to-implement solution for giving faculty, staff, and administrators the skills they need to be successful. Find out how features in Bridge – like Arc Video, Bridge Retain, and robust reporting – can take your professional development to the next level.

Peer-Review: Purpose, Process, and Expectations

TAG: Hands-On, Canvas Peer Review
Presenters: Pamela Bimbi

The Canvas course management system includes a straightforward built-in tool to facilitate student-to-student peer-review. Highlighting the benefits for both faculty and students, this hands-on session reviews the Why and How of incorporating peer-review into your courses. You will leave inspired and prepared to guide your students through this process!

Canvas Adoption Q&A: Rollout, Adoption, and Professional Development

TAG: Canvas Adoption Strategies
Presenters: Adam Kuntz (Instructure)

Are you just starting to use Canvas? Are you or some of your colleagues having trouble getting up to speed? Come chat with Adam Kuntz, who specializes in Canvas rollout and adoption strategies. Let him help you through your transition and down the road to success with Canvas.

SESSION #4: 2:50PM – 3:40PM

What We Have Learned about Canvas webcast

TAG: Canvas Overview
Presenter: Greg Beyrer
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At this presentation, Greg will share what faculty and staff from across California have taught each other about Canvas, from how to click more efficiently, to nuggets on teaching with Canvas in face-to-face and online classrooms. Bring your own tips and take away something new.

Online Courses at California’s Community Colleges: What does the research say?

TAG: Online Education Research
Presenters: Cassandra Hart and Michael Hill

The use of online courses at Community Colleges across the state has steadily expanded over the last decade. Research on the effect of online course-taking has consistently reflected lower student performance. The empirical research can help faculty and institutions understand factors influencing student outcomes and correspondingly help better focus efforts on improving those outcomes. This presentation will review the current research on online education and discuss implications on course design and instruction.

There’s a Resource for That: Sharing in Canvas Commons with Your Department, College, and Beyond

TAG: Canvas Commons, Resources
Presenter: Liz du Plessis

Learn how to use Canvas Commons, a learning object repository for storing, finding, importing, and sharing course materials. Share resources with groups of colleagues at your institution, with consortiums among multiple institutions, and with the Canvas community at large. Learn how to provide full previews of your shared resources, and, when importing, how to use practice Canvas shells (or Free for Teacher accounts) to view Commons resources when full previews are not available. You will also learn tips such as how to avoid overwriting your own Canvas content when importing from Commons.

Making the Jump to Hybrid Space

TAG: Course Design, Hybrid
Presenter: Andrea Hicks

This session is designed for those who have thought about teaching online but have not yet made the jump and those who have possibly taken on a hybrid or online class but did so without knowing just what they were getting into. At the end of this workshop, participants will walk away with a road map for creating their first hybrid/online class and list of tips and tricks to make this transition a smooth one.

Modules or Pages – The Course Structure That Works For You

TAG: Canvas Modules, Canvas Pages, Course Design
Presenter: Linda Hoang

In this session, you will learn the difference between organizing your course on Canvas via module-style or page-style. We will look at the pros and cons of both to help you decide the structure that works best for your course, your teaching style, and the materials you wanted to provide for your students.

Advanced Canvas Q&A

LOCATION: LRC 104 – Computer Lab
TAG: Canvas Q&A
Presenter: Sallie Michalsky (Instructure)

Do you have specific questions that you haven’t been able to get answers to? Are you looking for workarounds to some challenges you’ve come across? This session will be delivered in an organic Q&A fashion, driven by user questions and topics of interest. Admins, instructors, instructional designers and more will benefit from a customized training experience that targets their unique needs.

Videos to Engage Students: Using Streaming Media in Canvas

TAG: Hands-On, Video Resources
Presenters: Kate Williamson and Andi Adkins Pogue

Have you always wanted to enhance your courses with video content to make them more engaging to your students? Learn how easy it is to embed online streaming videos from within your Canvas courses with tools like Films on Demand. Get hands on with LRCCD Library-provided streaming video databases that contain high-quality, educational content across disciplines. Other topics will include how to find titles and segments, and create playlists and custom clips.

Arc Demonstration

TAG: Video Platform
Presenters: Jason Rock (Instructure)

Come to this session to get an overview of the Arc video platform and how it improves student/teacher engagement in Canvas.